The Revitaglaze way

UK building regulations and compliance can be complicated to understand and get right. If you are worried about Regulation 14 then please speak to one of us, so we can help you sort out any problems you may have. Our team of highly-skilled technicians can reduce any risks to your business.

Repair, not replace

We repair and restore glass rather than replace it, saving you and your business time and money. Safety and compliance with the law needs to be your top priority, but there are many additional advantages to having a window film installed by Revitaglaze. Our solar films can make your building space more energy efficient, and we can also make lower level windows stronger and safer. Our architectural window films prevent glass from shattering and they’re virtually invisible.

Regulation 14…Why it’s needed

Under the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Regulations, Regulation 14 imposes a duty on those responsible to undertake a risk assessment of all glazing on site. They must identify any glass that may be a risk to any of the building’s users or visitors. If the identified glass is deemed unsafe, then something must be done immediately to prevent any injury. Building owners and occupiers have a legal obligation to be fully compliant.

Revitaglaze provides glass restoration services, saving you & your business time & money. To find out more about window treatments please visit the website.

Health & safety UK building regulations (such as Regulation 14) legally, have to be met. Every window has to be compliant: made from a safe material and protected against breakage.

Privacy Increasingly, businesses are asking for greater privacy within their workplace. To maintain this a reflective surface can be applied with varying levels of opacity.

Security During a bomb blast or accident, a lot of damage is caused by flying glass. To minimise the harm done, the glass needs to be strengthened and provide a shield.

We install special safety and bomb blast films, depending on your requirement. Our safety films strengthen and protect, as well as giving you the confidence that you are complying with UK building regulations.

Safety film We add a strong, resilient film to glass to provide extra protection (such as low level windows at schools) which is fully compliant with Building Regulation 14.

Bomb blast film We install protective films that stops glass shattering in the rare event of a bomb.

Vinyl applications

Why they’re needed. Vinyl has had a meteoric rise to fame. It’s both flexible and durable and can be used on a large scale. It can help refurbish and maintain building interiors and office spaces. What’s more, it can be used to advertise and market your brand.

Repair, not replace. By applying a Revitaglaze vinyl wrap on top of an existing layer, we can create any advertising campaign you want. There is no need to spend far more money than is needed by starting from scratch. We can apply vinyl to your premises as a unique  way to get you noticed.

Marketing aside, vinyl is also more resilient to vandalism or accidental damage than painted or untreated metal or glass surfaces. This means maintenance costs are kept low. If the vinyl is damaged, it can easily, quickly and cheaply be removed and replaced with another anti-graffiti layer.

The Revitaglaze way

We provide a regular maintenance and repair service to keep to keep your image looking polished. We also respond quickly in an emergency and can work overnight if you’ve had a spate of graffiti or vandalism.

For branding projects we will work with you from concept to completion. Our expert team will give advice from the very start and help choose the best products for your business. We will discuss the design, type and shape of the surfaces that need to be covered and how long it will take. We are transparent about costs and we always deliver an exceptional standard of work on target and on budget.