Our Track Record

As experienced applicators to Overground, Underground and Light rail carriages we are proud to have installed wraps for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 2012 Olympics and the Poppy Appeal

LIVERY & BRANDING. Stand out from your competitors….

Revitaglaze offer a huge range of train branding and livery options for new or refurbished carriages. Our vinyl wraps provide a real wow factor – with a huge array of colours and possible design concepts available.

Corporate train branding not only makes your trains look sleek, but your brand and image too. It allows your marketing to keep pace with your passengers.

Our durable vinyl films or wraps are incredibly tough. They are more resilient to vandalism or accidental damage than painted or untreated metal or glass surfaces, making them the perfect material for the job.

We can also protect them against graffiti, giving them a long life and giving you value for money.

What’s more, we can provide a very fast turnaround for train branding and livery changes.

Revitaglaze offers train branding, vinyl wrapping & livery options for new or refurbished carriages. Visit the website & download the brochure to find out more.

On track

Vinyl films also give you amazing advertising and media opportunities. Done well by approved applicators, it can be a hugely effective marketing tool that delivers your message to thousands, if not millions, of consumers every day. We can apply adverts on individual vehicles, carriages or entire fleets.

The Revitaglaze team helps you with your media and advertising campaigns – from the design stage of your project to the time your newly wrapped train goes back into service. You can consult us about the type of design and advertising you have in mind. We will then advise you on the best type of vinyl wrap, how we would apply it and the finished look.


At Revitaglaze, we understand the annoyance of train maintenance and the importance of a quick and cost effective solution. We offer a range of services for the ongoing maintenance of fleets and midlife services.

Using our own dedicated team of technicians and our one-stop project management programme – we can meet your midlife train rennovation project needs.

Our experts can make a tired interior look fresh and modern. We can carry out emergency exterior repairs, such as filling and painting chipped or damaged areas as well as providing you with a thorough maintenance service on a regular basis, after one of our detailed assessments.

Revitaglaze offers train branding, vinyl wrapping & livery options for new or refurbished carriages. Visit the website & download the brochure to find out more.

To patch or polish….?

If you have already invested in vinyl applications we can provide a cost effective solution to door or panel damage with our vinyl patching service.

Our glass polishing systems have removed the need for costly replacement of windscreens and windows damaged by wiper scratches and graffiti, as we can polish the glass to clear, without taking the train out of service.

Leaking issues? We also have experience in making cabs watertight to avoid them suffering from leaks through the joints, particularly noticeable around the cabs.


Ongoing Protection

By regularly maintaining painted surfaces, you won’t have to spend unnecessary money on replacing them. All our coatings, including anti-graffiti films, are easy to maintain. We help you address the issue straight away and save on escalating costs further down the line.

Value for money

At Revitaglaze we work round the clock, to make sure our repairs don’t affect the day-to-day operation of your business. We offer fixed price contracts with no hidden costs or charges along the way, enabling you to maximise your return on investment

The look and feel…

The ambience of a carriage is an extremely important part of a passenger’s experience. Train carriages can be stiflingly hot in the summer whilst in the winter, the windows can increase the need for expensive heating. Revitaglaze has window filming solutions to make train journeys more comfortable. Our films can help with temperature and lighting control throughout the year.

Solar film

Our solar films reduce the amount of heat coming into the carriage during summer, whilst also helping keep the heat in when the weather turns cold, without reducing sunlight into the carriages.

It’s an incredibly cost effective way to cut down your air conditioning, heating and lighting costs.

Our team of experts work quickly and efficiently to make sure your service won’t be disrupted.

Revitaglaze offers train branding, vinyl wrapping & livery options for new or refurbished carriages. Visit the website & download the brochure to find out more.

Damage prevention…

What’s more, our window films can limit the severity caused by vandalism or accidental damage. The film is quickly removed and replaced, without the need for new glass. It’s a quick way to sort out the problem and it saves you money.

Revitaglaze have provided an excellent service in all aspects of meeting our requirements both on a regular & ad-hoc basis


Beat the vandals….

Graffiti has long been a problem for the mass transport industries. Once a window, draught-screen or door has been tagged, it becomes an invitation for others to do the same.

With the development of different techniques, namely scratch, tagging and acid, it’s hard to stay ahead of the vandals.

As a business, your image is everything. The trains you supply are a reflection of your professionalism. Graffiti and vandalism can ruin that image in a split second, through no fault of your own.

Avoid the fines…

It’s vital you repair the damage quickly before it damages your reputation. Graffiti is an expensive nuisance and train operators can receive hefty fines for graffiti-marked carriages.

Revitaglaze has a hands-on team that can regularly visit a depot to check every window, of every carriage in every train to help avoid such penalties. We are able to make routine visits to depots to meet your maintenance needs.

We always work to a tight turnaround time, so your trains don’t have to spend much time off the line. 


Revitaglaze offers train branding, vinyl wrapping & livery options for new or refurbished carriages. Visit the website & download the brochure to find out more.

Glass polishing: Our dedicated team of skilled technicians are able to remove graffiti by polishing the glass, without replacing the window. It’s cost effective and can be carried out at night, so the train is back in service the very next day. We can also eliminate windscreen wiper damage.

Window films: We recommend a protective film is installed to maintain windows cost effectively in the future. This special film is virtually invisible so that, once installed, it provides a removable, sacrificial surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive glass replacement. When vandals do graffiti the carriages, you can simply peel off the film to reveal the clean surfaces underneath.

A single replacement of just one window can easily exceed twenty times the cost of film installation. 

See for yourself…

If you would like a demonstration or trial to evaluate how such a solution could help resolve your issues, please contact us.